Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Systems

Oil Rotarary

The primary pump technology utilized in vacuum-assist die casting is oil-rotary vane due to the vacuum level it acheives (29.6 or greater inch Hg gauge/.5 Torr) and protective qualities of the oil medium.

Vacuum systems should be selected for the size and number of presses each one will serve. This is based on the overall volume of air that must be evacuated within a given time frame. The only differences between a portable and central system are generally the size of pump and tank, and the connection to the presses (hose or hard pipe).

  • Single or duplex pumps
  • Automatic or manual motor starter
  • HMI controls
  • Water cooling
  • Motor voltage
  • Horizontal or vertical tank
  • Data capture and alarms
Base UnitEvacuation CapacityHP
ORV-2521 CFM1.5 HP
ORV-43B28 CFM2.0 HP
ORV-6345 CFM3.0 HP
ORV-10070 CFM5.0 HP